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Glen Drummond Farm can be found elegantly perched on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, overlooking the Dundas Valley in Ontario, Canada.  It's proud, century old farmhouse, rolling fields and stunning barns have been home to the Dyment Family for six generations.  This is why Glen Drummond Farm is commonly and affectionately referred to as “Dyment’s Farm”.

For years, Glen Drummond Farm has been a coveted and highly sought-after location for magical events. In fact, the first recorded wedding on the farm was in 1915. Time and time again, Glen Drummond Farm has served as a unique and picturesque setting, with gorgeous vistas that have been featured in several publications such as
Style Me Pretty and Wedding Bells Magazine

The farm itself runs on love; love of the land, love of delicious food and the love of celebration.  Our team works tirelessly to cultivate long lasting relationships with our guests, to serve delicious and plentiful meals and to maintain the rustic beauty of the farm.


Love Grows Here


est. 1887

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